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Hurricane Survival

The Emergency (Non Electric) Survival Still is fire operated and is the Ultimate Global Emergency non electric water purification system.

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Emergency Water Survival Product

Emergency Water Distiller

– SurvivalStill –

Non-electric water distiller for survival and Emergency

The Emergency (Non Electric) Survival Still is Fire Distilled, (off or on the grid), is the Ultimate Global Emergency non electric water purification system. Our survival still provides the purist and safest drinking water for survival or emergency situations such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes,tsunamis,floods,terrorism,extreme weather alerts, plaques, zombies,power grid failures, and unforeseen natural and man made disasters.  Our emergency non electric water still IS the ultimate water purification system for potential or actual disasters such as Hurricane Sandy (which can happen with only a few or no days notice). Health professionals and First responders can also use our Emergency non electric Survival fire distiller for health, hydration,medical, pharmaceutical, and dental use.  Our emergency non electric survival water still is designed for fresh water or salt water purification and to be sturdy,require minimum space and to backpack and GO. Hurricane Sandy will be remembered. Be Prepared ..Be Safe…Be hydrated…and Be Prayerful . The Fire Water Distiller (SurvivalStill) is a new non-electric water distiller that is designed for survival, emergency, and camping situations.  Using the heat from a fire, the fire water distiller will help you make distilled water from any source water including even ocean water.  This water purification process, called distillation, removes harmful contaminants using boiling water processes that is much like MOTHER NATURE’S natural purification process.  In an emergency (any time for that matter), drinking distilled water is a wise water decision in an emergency situation. (TO ORDER CLICK HERE) Disasters happen. In an emergency, tap water can become dangerously contaminated for a long time. Nothing is more important than a supply of safe drinking water for your family. The Survival Still is so effective that you can even turn ocean water into high-purity drinking water, forever.

The Survival Still is also great for camping and outdoor living.

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Survival in a Disaster